"Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth,
truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music. Music is the best."
- Frank Zappa

Original Songs
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After They Break | Tinker-toy Dreams | You Said! | The End

After They Break - cults with disposable victims (Realplayer file)

How much can you bruise them? How much can they take?
How much can you use them, for your own sake?
How much can you bend them? How much can you make?
Then where will you send them, AFTER THEY BREAK?

Beachs full of homeless souls, washed up by the tide
To reach a dream so full of holes, they swallow down their pride
The news is full of platitudes, that cover up the greed
Manufactured attitudes, to suit a selfish need


Mouths get fed by emptiness, heads get filled with hype
Hearts get lead by pettiness, we all know the type
I'm beggin' you to give a damn, beggin' you to fight,
Beggin' you to speak up....speak up for what's right

vocals: Adeline Bristol Block, J.D. - guitars: Fred Bova

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Tinker-toy Dreams - we seem to have limitless capacity for self-delusion (Realplayer file)

I can see that I've been livin' a Tinker-toy dream.
Seems to me that I've been given a Tinker-toy scheme.
I keep waiting for a better day. Concentrating not to lose my way.
Try to make myself belive things don't work the way they seem.
Every time I think I understand, someone deals me under-hand.
And takes it all away so I'll stay in my Tinker-toy dream.

I keep bumpin' into people with remote-control minds.
It leaves me speechless when they tell me that it takes all kinds.
Human Model #134.  Used to oil a gear, and go to the store.
I don't talk about the power that makes 'em stand in lines.
They might realize the state they're in: sold their souls to the master of sin,
And live their lives asleep, counting sheep, in their TINKER-TOY DREAMS.

I feel sorry for people with erector-set souls.
But I know the way it feels to them . . . to have us pay their tolls:
"Round the cattle up and move 'em out.  Never tell 'em what it's all about.
We'll just tell 'em how to live and where to dig the holes.
Any time they start to understand, pick the leader who might make a stand,
And blow the dude away, so they'll stay in their TINKER-TOY DREAMS.

All my friends contend they've ended their conveyor-belt lives.
Never guessin' who's been messin' with their Barbie-Doll wives.
You can see 'em on the evening news, those who make the rules and those who lose.
But what you'll never see is who's behind it sharpening knives.
Sheep for slaughter's all they'll ever be, until they wake up and decide to be free,
And overcome their fear, they'll be here in their TINKER-TOY DREAMS
... here in a TINKER-TOY DREAM

vocal, guitars, bass, drums: Dennis Erlich - lead guitars: Fred Bova

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You Said! - the trouble with donating your soul (Realplayer file)

YOU SAID to trust you. YOU SAID to need you.
YOU SAID to follow. Said, "I will lead you."
I obeyed you, blindly I believed I should trade you my soul to be deceived
Now I hear all the thoughts within your head. Things aren't quite like YOU SAID

You confined me, told me what was true. You defined what to think and what to do
You made sure I would follow where you lead.  Never question what YOU SAID

Tried to make me scared of letting go.  Make me fear everything I didn't know.
Tried to keep me, locked within my head, still believing what YOU SAID

vocal: Adeline - guitar solo: Fred - guitars and the rest: Dennis

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The End - a hopeful dirge (Realplayer file)

You may wonder how the world will finally end
You may wonder if God is still your friend
You may think He's just like you
Oh how I wish you knew
But still, you will in The End

You must realize this cannot go on
You may think that in The End you'll be completely on your own
How can you understand
You're a stranger in a foreign land
But still, you will in The End

How's it feel to wake up from a dream
How's it feel when things are not exactly how they seem
How's it feel to be aware
Standing naked in the thin air of truth
You'll see in The End

You may fear that there's no end to all the pain
And you may hear that God will never pass this way again
You may wonder if He hears your prayers
You can question if He even cares
Although, you'll know in The End

vocal: Michelle Gilmore - guitar solo & b/g vocal: Fred - guitars and the rest: Dennis

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[songs written by Rev. Dennis Erlich - produced by Fred Bova & Dennis Erlich 1992, 1999 inFormer Music BMI]
~ no cult members were exploited in the making of these songs ~

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